Simple Mindfulness
For Daily Life

Learn a set of practical Mindfulness techniques to help you live well and get more from life!

• Calm Your Mind • Find Focus • Get Stuff Done
• Worry Less & Live More!

A structured program of 8 online classes (all LIVE and fully interactive) that runs over 8 consecutive weeks - and which you can also engage with, if you prefer, as recorded webinars that you can watch anytime, at your own convenience.

This short course offers a blend of techniques from across the fields of meditation, psychology, neuroscience, and life coaching that can help you to manage life better - and so enable you to enjoy life more!

Begins on Weds 22nd Sept at 6.30pm.
Pay a £25 deposit to secure your place.
Then make 8 weekly payments over the period of the course of £15 each.

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Perfect for busy, modern people who'd like to find more calm while engaging fully with life and living well

About The Course

This course is a series of 8 LIVE and fully-interactive weekly online classes that teach a set of structured and integrated Mindfulness practices - practices that are, at all times, simple, straightforward, and quick-and-easy to do, so fitting easily into the busyness of daily life. The 8 weekly webinar classes themselves are designed to be a friendly, welcoming and supportive online environment which provide an element of light social interaction, and which have a very 'open', relaxed and engaging feel.

This short weekly course is designed to particularly help you to:

  • Get life to run more smoothly
  • Be more productive and efficient
  • Allow you to live with less stress and anxiety - and thereby enjoy life much more!
The emphasis in this program is always on practices, techniques, tips and strategies that are highly effective, but which are fully compatible with a busy lifestyle - a lifestyle that has lots of other competing demands, pressures and important commitments going on.

The course draws together a range of techniques from across the fields of meditation, psychology, neuroscience and life coaching and it presents them as a single integrated approach - an approach rooted in a Mindfulness perspective, always in a way that is clear, simple, easy to follow, and most importantly, a way that is easy to put into practice in daily life, even amid the challenges and hectic pace of modern living.

These 8 classes can be attended LIVE on Wednesday evenings as fully-interactive online classes (providing the opportunity for questions and answers, group discussion, and mutual support between participants within the group) or as recorded webinars that you can watch anytime, at your own convenience. (We recommend taking part in the live webinars if you can, because many people find that the real-time interaction and the connection with other participants enhances their learning experience. But you are entirely free to choose the option that works best for you.) 


This course helps us to handle the demands and pressures of modern living well...
Busy street scene
so we can thrive rather than just survive!
The classes begin on Wednesday 22nd September at 6.30pm and are supported by a full range of course resources, including a comprehensive set of worksheets each week (these explain the teaching in an easy-to-engage-with written format and are supplied as pdf downloads) plus a set of short, exclusive guided meditations only available within this course (provided each week as mp3 audio files that can be streamed or downloaded).

This course is led by experienced Mindfulness teacher Shaun Glossop (our group Director). Shaun is a qualified Mindfulness teacher and a highly respected figure on the Mindfulness scene in the East Midlands. He's particularly noted for his warm, welcoming and friendly personality, his wide-ranging knowledge about Mindfulness and meditation, and his very grounded, down-to-earth (and easy to understand) teaching style.

Shaun will be supported in leading this course by Jamie Glossop (the regular co-host of our in-house events). Jamie is a professional Counsellor and Psychotherapist, holding a BA Hons (First Class) from Nottingham university in Humanistic Counselling. He also holds a Post-Graduate Diploma from Coventry University in teaching Mindfulness & Mindfulness-based Compassion.
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An 8 Week Program to Find Calm, Focus & Clarity - Helping Us To Achieve More While Reducing Worry & Stress
Begins on Weds 22nd Sept 2021 at 6.30pm

Pay a £25 deposit to secure your place.
Then make 8 weekly payments over the period of the course of £15 each.
(Total Cost - £145)

Full course resources, including weekly worksheets and mp3 downloads of all the meditations used during the course, are provided 
Serenity & Joy
In this course we learn how to find calm, serenity and joy amid the busyness of everyday life...

...and how focus and clarity enable us to do more well.
"Mindfulness has helped me succeed in almost every dimension of my life. By stopping regularly to look inward and become aware of my mental state, I stay connected to the source of my actions and thoughts and can guide them with considerably more intention."
– Dustin Moskovitz
Internet entrepreneur who co-founded Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg
“Mindfulness works-out your brain and builds ‘thinking roads’ that enable you to be less fearful of the future and the now, and fully immerse yourself in truly living life. The more you practise, the more your brain structurally changes and engages your self-soothing system.”
– Patrizia Collard
Author of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy For Dummies
“You can't stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf”
Jon Kabat-Zinn
The 'father' of the modern Mindfulness movement in the West
Click on the button above and pay your £25 deposit securely via PayPal

Or for more information about this 8 week program of meetings and course work contact Shaun, the course leader
email: | mobile: 07769 574063

Please Note:

 Undertaking this course is a commitment – please note that deposits are not refundable, and anyone taking a place who then withdraws part way through the program will be required to pay at least 50% of the total fees.

 This course is not intended to be taken as a replacement for therapy or medical treatment, and it is not appropriate for those with significant current mental health issues unless undertaken with the agreement of healthcare professionals.

● Mindfulness and other forms of meditation are safe and appropriate practices for the vast majority of people and they are proven to offer a wide range of benefits, including the lowering of stress and deep levels of relaxation. However current research indicates that all forms of meditation (including Mindfulness) may be unwise for people with bipolar vulnerability or those who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD), unless it is conducted under clinical supervision. If you are currently receiving treatment for any form of mental health issue (or have received such treatment in the recent past, or have reason to believe that you might need such treatment), you should consult your doctor or health care professional before engaging with Mindfulness or any form of meditation.