How To Live Better (And Meditate Better!) With The Help Of Neuroscience!

'Traveling Lightly'
A Two-Day Workshop With Dr Gary Keil
in the heart of the Nottingham city centre

Sat 26th & Sun 27th January 2019
10.30am to 4.30pm each day

£75 per person for the two days
Neuroscience is at the heart of Mindfulness
Understanding the ways in which your brain does (and doesn't!) work can transform your life!
Pay a £25 deposit now to secure your place,
then pay the balance on the day
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Spend two whole days in the company of likeminded people, sharing in a structured program of experiential learning led by Dr Gary Keil of the Growth Leaders Network

Meditation meets Neuroscience & Wellbeing, start your journey here!
Dr Gary Keil
Dr Gary Keil PhD
About The Workshop

Over Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th January 2019 the Nottingham Mindfulness Group will be hosting a two day Neuroscience workshop, 'Traveling Lightly', held in the heart of the Nottingham city centre and led by Dr Gary Keil, PhD.

The fun, experiential and interactive learning delivered over these two days will:

  • Help us see how the "little" hardships of life that we might not be aware of can add up to massive problems - for us and for others
  • Explore how both nature and nurture impact our minds and bodies - positively and negatively
  • Show us how to build mental and physical resiliency, best preparing us for whatever life brings our way
  • Create a unique 'action plan' of immediate, intermediate and long-term "to be's" (not "to do's") to lighten our journey along life's path

Many people love the ideas of Mindfulness and meditation: the serenity, inner peace, tranquility and grounding that can easily (and almost magically) appear, overpowering the storms that surround and rage within by simply ‘calming the mind.’

However, the realities of the practices (and their limitations), especially when first begun, are often a different picture. People who experience difficulties advancing their mental calm and/or clarity within the time-frames and ways that they desire can become despondent to the point of quitting what might eventually serve them well.

More clearly understanding how the brain works - or doesn’t work - and how the health of the body heavily influences the brain, leads to better designed meditative practices as well as the overall outcomes. Importantly, how much we understand how our own mind-body works and develops helps us support others in their own practices.

Dr. Gary Keil will guide several interactive and reflective sessions over these two days that begin by highlighting how the evolutionary wiring design of the brain is wonderfully designed for certain aspects of life but woefully inadequate for others, exploring how physical activities and nutrition can impact the brain, and what options might exist to help people struggling with pain or trauma to not just get "past their past" but to use them as a catalyst to thrive in new ways not possible before life’s hardships happened.

The two days will be held at the Tiger Boe Centre - a modern holistic health and well-being centre in the heart of the Nottingham city centre that has a bright, contemporary interior and a relaxing atmosphere. The Tiger Boe Centre is located at:

7 Clarendon St

The full price for the two full days is £75 per person.

Pay a £25 deposit now to secure your place, and then pay the balance on the day.

To book your place today simply click on the link below and pay your £25 deposit, securely via PayPal, using any credit or debit card:

About The Workshop Leader

Dr Gary Keil received his Pharmacy degree from the University of Wyoming and his PhD in Neuropharmacology at Oregon State University. After a post-doctoral fellowship in Electrophysiology at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada, Gary began a 15+ year career in pain research and Pain Management, Pharmacology, Individual and Leadership Development, and Preventive Health and Wellness.

With a passion for fusing science and teaching, Gary devotes his life to offering world-class Preventive Health and Resiliency Training, Positive Psychology Coaching and Medication Therapy Management (with a primary focus on chronic pain) across the globe. He is a 20+ year facilitator and national co-director of programs for the non-profit Pharmacy Leadership and Education Institute (PLEI). Gary has been an active member of the Board of Directors for PLEI for more than 10 years, is on the Board of Directors for The Gratitude Parade, and is an Ambassador for the Scare Your Soul Challenge.

He is an accomplished public/motivational speaker and experiential development guide.

Dr Gary Keil is Director of the
Growth Leaders Network in the USA