Mindfulness Course Assessment Form

If you have completed one of our our 8-week Mindfulness courses at the Maggie's Centre in Nottingham, you are invited to complete the following short Assessment Form...

It will only take a minute or two to complete, and the information you provide will be useful in helping Maggie's develop courses for the future.
Please note that this form is entirely private and confidential. The information you provide will go directly to the team at Maggie's, Nottingham and your feed-back and answers will not be seen by us at the Nottingham Mindfulness Group. (Also, rest assured that your engagement with this web-page, and any answers and information you provide here, is not monitored, recorded, or tracked in any way by this website or by the Nottingham Mindfulness Group.)

If you are completing this form on a phone or tablet, you will probably find it easier to do with your device held in the landscape (horizontal) rather than portrait (vertical) position...

The location used for the classes was appropriate and satisfactory

The classes were a welcoming and friendly environment

The theory of mindfulness was explained well in the classes

What was taught, explained, and discussed in the classes helped me to understand mindfulness better

The guided meditations and practical mindfulness exercises enabled me to have a direct experience of mindfulness at home

The worksheets were easy to understand

I feel I have learnt practical ways to help me manage the stress, anxiety and negative thinking that sometimes arises in life

I feel I have learnt things that will help me in other ways in the future