Our new Mindfulness course - take part online. Includes weekly live classes by webinar.
In Four Weeks
A gentle four part program to master the theory and practice of Mindfulness

Free Yourself From Stress, Anxiety & Painful Thinking.

Improve Your Health, Wellbeing & Resilience.

Clear Your Mind & Calm Your Life...

Ideal Both For Those New To Mindfulness
& Those Seeking To Refresh Or Renew Their Practice.

Begins on Wednesday 4th November at 6.30pm

Join live weekly classes by webinar. Or participate anytime using the full online materials.

Pay a £35 deposit to secure your place, then make 4 weekly payments of £15 each. (Total £95)

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This course provides a comprehensive foundation training in the principles and practical techniques of Mindfulness, with the core skills (and the essence of the underlying philosophy of Mindfulness) distilled into four gently paced modules.
These four modules are explored in a structured way over a five week time window - four weeks of gradual, in-depth learning combined with a pause week in the middle, which provides an opportunity to reflect on (and fully digest and apply) the teaching and practices shared in the first half of the program, before moving on to the second half. 
  • Expert tuition from a highly experienced and respected Mindfulness teacher
  • All course materials provided, including a progressive series of guided meditations
  • One-to-one support for all online students
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About The Course

This four part program of study, meditation and practical exercises is a unique opportunity to learn the core aspects of Mindfulness in a condensed but authoritative way - and to build the techniques of Mindfulness into your daily life over a four to five week period in a way that's sustainable for the long-term.

The course is led by one of Nottingham's principal Mindfulness teachers, Shaun Glossop (who also hosts the Nottingham Mindfulness Group's popular open meetings), and it consists of the following four modules:

Week One: Mindfulness of Body & Breath
We begin by learning how to 'come home' to the body and to the breath, discovering that this skill-set is a powerful and highly effective way to find calmness and inner-peace amid the busyness, pressures, worries, and difficulties of modern, day-to-day life.

Week Two: Managing Difficult Emotions with Mindfulness
In week two we learn to better manage our emotions
 by applying the techniques of Mindfulness to the constantly changing flow of our emotional state (and we thereby learn that we can, in fact, manage our emotions - rather than our emotions managing us!). We also discover the keys that Mindfulness provides which enable us to acquire much greater emotional resilience in the face of life's challenges and upheavals.

Week Three: Clearing The Mind & Untangling From Thoughts In this week we learn how to cultivate a new relationship with our thinking, learning to relate to our thoughts as "just thoughts" (and not facts), and learning to 'step-back' from our thought stream in order to become the 'detached observer' of our thinking (rather than us getting caught-up and entangled inside our own thinking).

Week Four: Mindfully Engaging with Ourselves, Others & The World
To conclude, we learn how to live Mindfully in a broader sense, exploring how we can use the principles and practices of Mindfulness to transform and calm our relationship with ourselves, and our relationship with the world around us - opening the door to greater joy, meaning and personal fulfilment.

Each week's course work and teaching will be available to all participants online (for more on this see the panel opposite, or below if you're reading this page on a phone) and there will be the opportunity for those who wish to do so to attend a weekly live class by webinar in order to explore the week's material as a shared experience in the company of other students, all under Shaun's expert tuition.

The course begins at 6.30pm on Wednesday 4th November (the time of the first live webinar class) and it runs through to the end of the fourth and final webinar class on Wednesday 25th November. Online resources will be available to all participants from the start of the course and they will then remain available to all participants online on an on-going basis after this.

Places are strictly limited  to secure your place please click on the button below and pay your £35 deposit securely using any debit or credit card...

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Once you have paid your deposit you will receive an immediate receipt by email from PayPal. Later (usually within 24 hours of your booking being made) you will also receive a confirmation email from us containing details of your booking.

The price of this program is £95 which you are invited to pay in the following way:

  • An up-front deposit of £35 to secure your place 
  • Then 4 payments of £15 each (paid to coincide with the 4 in-person classes)
    Total - £95

Take Part Online!
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You Can Fully Participate In This Course Online
Study from the comfort of home at the times which best suit you
Get all the teaching, course materials (plus one-to-one support) on your computer, tablet or phone

All course participants will have access to all the course work and resources online, with each module being released new and fresh on the Wednesday evening of each week of the program.

Each module's online materials will consist of:

  • A weekly LIVE and interactive online class hosted by the course leader and covering the topic and subject matter for that week in detail (this online class will be available to all participants afterwards as a video recording)
  • A full set of study notes and worksheets for the week in pdf format, providing further teaching and detailed guidance 
  • Guided meditations for use during the week in mp3 format (these can be streamed or downloaded)
The weekly online class will be a 90 minute webinar that includes both periods of teaching and periods of guided meditation practice, plus a live question and answer session with the course leader. This online class provides the opportunity for a wider group discussion about how people are getting on with the modules and course work. It also enables those course participants who wish to do so to engage and interact live with each other and with the course leader - so providing a communal and social dimension to this online program. (A recorded version of each week's webinar class will be made available to all participants afterwards, including to those who are unable to take part in the live webinar at the time.)

Students who find they need further support can also book a one-to-one tutorial session or consultation with the course leader, as needed. This will be held via Skype, Zoom, Facetime or phone at a mutually convenient time.

This range of online resources, group interaction, and one-to-one support is designed to ensure that all participants can get the full benefits of the program.

Book your place now!
Pay a £35 deposit to secure your place.
Then make 4 payments over the period of the course of £15 each.
Total Cost - £95

All payments are securely processed on our behalf by PayPal.
Once you have paid your deposit you will receive an immediate receipt by email from PayPal. Later (usually within 24 hours of your booking being made) you will also receive a confirmation email from us containing details of your booking.

For more information about this 4 week program of course work and meditations contact the course leader, Shaun
email: shaun.g@hotmail.com | mobile 07769 574063

Please Note:

  • Undertaking this program is a commitment – deposits are not refundable, and anyone taking a place who then withdraws part way through the program will be required to pay at least 50% of the total fees.
  • All participants should expect to do approximately 90 minutes of light study in each module week, plus 20 to 40 minutes of meditation practice each day across the five week time period covered by the modules and the pause week.
  • Course materials will be available online from 6.30pm on Wednesday 25th March (the scheduled start time for the first webinar class), when module one will be released. Online materials relating to the subsequent modules will be released on the following Wednesdays at 6.30pm to coincide with the start time of each week's webinar session. These online materials will then remain permanently available to course participants on an on-going basis once released.
  • This program of course work and meditations is not intended to be taken as a replacement for therapy or medical treatment. This program does not include medical oversight and it is not appropriate for those with significant current mental health issues. Any person with a condition requiring medical treatment or psychotherapy must consult a qualified doctor or therapist.

Important - Mindfulness and other forms of meditation are safe and appropriate practices for the vast majority of people and they are proven to offer a wide range of benefits, including the lowering of stress and deep levels of relaxation. However current research indicates that all forms of meditation (including Mindfulness) may be unwise for people with bipolar vulnerability or those who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD), unless it is conducted under clinical supervision. If you are currently receiving treatment for any form of mental health issue (or have received such treatment in the recent past, or have reason to believe that you might need such treatment), you should consult your doctor or health care professional before engaging with Mindfulness or any form of meditation.